Event tourism: Folklore festivals in Mordovia Event tourism: Folklore festivals in Mordovia

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* International festival of national cultures "Shumnrat, Finno-Ugria!". It is conducted by the State Committee for National Policy of the Republic of Mordovia in June, the Republican Palace of Culture, the stadium "Start", on the stage of the Mordovia National Drama Theater, as well as in the villages of Staraya Terizmorga and Podlesnaya Tavla. Folklore collectives from all Finno-Ugric regions of Russia and the countries of Europe come to show national art. The peculiar and unique sound of choral ensembles, dance ensembles, theatrical performances, exhibitions of ethnofuturist artists. An amazing combination of archaic and avant-garde in the works of young artists of Mordovia, Komi, Udmurtia, Mari El, Estonia, Hungary, Finland. Workshops of artists in the open air. Showing of national costumes. Performances of shamans, ancient peasant rituals, sacred chants. Exhibition-Fair of Folk Crafts. * Republican festival "Shumbrat, Mordovia!" It has been held since 1997 by the Ministry of Culture under the patronage of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia. Passes in November-December in the Republican Palace of Culture. The most talented performers of folk music come to Saransk to perform at the republican contest. The final gala concert is an impressive show, blossomed with all the colors of folk culture. * Republican contest of folk art "Play, accordion!". It is held by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mordovia and the Republican House of Folk Art since 2002. It takes place in February in the Republican Palace of Culture. Each district of the republic sends to the contest the best chastushniki and accordionists. Nominations: soloist-harmonist, ensemble of harmonists, accompanist. Popularly loved competition, where you can enjoy the provocative folk songs performed by talented performers. * Sabantuy. A colorful national holiday, taking place in the second half of June in all Tatar villages. The most ambitious and bright performances are held in the village of Lyambir, where the Center of the Tatar national culture works. In 2006, the Fifth All-Russian Sabantuy was held in Saransk, for which more than 300 guests from 45 regions of Russia arrived. Folk amateur, sports, games, traditional food. * Interregional festival of national orchestral music "Above Moksha wide". Passes since 2008 in the city of Temnikov in June. * All-Russian exhibition-fair of folk arts and crafts of Finno-Ugric peoples. Passes from 2006 in January in Mordovexpocentre in 4 closed pavilions. Masters and enterprises producing goods of folk arts from Mordovia, Mari El, Chuvashia and other Finno-Ugric regions of Russia take part. At the fair you can buy favorite products of local and visiting masters, exchange creative experience, listen to incendiary performances of folk groups.