Этель / Ethel / Terry towel "Never stop dreaming" 30x70 cm 100% cotton, 370g / m2

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Minimum order amount for the supplier 24.85 USD

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Size (A x B), cm - 30 x 70;
Pink colour;
Fabric - Mahra;
Density of the material, g / m2 - 370;
Fabric composition - Cotton;
Gift wrapped - Yes;
The number of items in the set
Type of packaging - Gift box;
Decorative items on clothing, textiles (for unloading)
Collection (for unloading)
Complete set of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Towel;
Care instructions - Wash at 40 ° C;
Drawing of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - No;
Material texture (for unloading) - Terry;
Purpose of towels - For hands


Package weight, kg
Width in packing, mm
Length in packing, mm
Package height, mm

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