Этель / Plaid "Damascus", 1.5-sp., With laser engraving, 150 × 200 cm, sherbet, polyethylene 100%, coral fleece, 280 g / m²

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This model is very gentle to the touch and practical to use. The product is made of coral fleece - one of the varieties of fleece fabric. This material is distinguished by: amazing lightness; softness and splendor; antibacterial and hypoallergenic; the ability to maintain optimal body temperature; excellent breathability and absorbency. Recommendations for product care Wash in a typewriter or by hand at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Do not use bleaches. Do not iron. Textile finishing (OZONE) - No finishing;
Type of wool (OZONE)
Size (A x B), cm - 150 x 200;
Bed linen size - 1.5-bed;
Fabric - Coral fleece;
Length, cm - 200;
Sleeves - No;
Density of the material, g / m2 - 280;
Width, cm - 150;
Fabric composition - Polyester;
Print type (OZONE) - Solid;
Pink colour;
Type of packaging KPB TM Ethel - New;
Type of packaging - Package;
Decorative items on clothing, textiles (for unloading) - Without elements;
Care instructions - Do not bleach;
Care instructions - Wash at 40 ° C;
Care instructions - Hang dry;
Care instructions - No dry cleaning;
Material texture (for unloading) - fleecy;
Collection (for unloading) - Ethel Coral;
Drawing clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Ornament


Length in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
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