Этель / Curtain curtain Damascus color blue 200x250 cm, blackout, polyester 100%

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Curtain curtain "Ethel" Damascus color blue 200x250 cm, blackout, polyester 100% - the right solution for transforming your home. It will make the interior more individual and cozy. The curtain is sewn of blackout. This material is: wear-resistant; resistant to pollution; retards sunlight; does not lose color when exposed to sunlight; does not fade during washing; does not require ironing; easily draped; has high noise insulation properties. Application in the interior Due to the property of protection from sunlight and extraneous noise, curtains made of this material can be used to decorate bedrooms and children's rooms. The use of blackout curtains is not limited to living quarters. In offices, conference rooms, restaurants, blackout curtains will also be relevant. The curtains look laconic and do not burden the interior. Recommendations for yh Color - Blue;
Fabric - Blackout;
Fastening type (curtains) - Curtain tape;
Light transmission, percent - 10.00;
Photocurtain - No;
Height, cm - 250;
Width, cm - 200;
Collection (for unloading) - Damascus;
Decorative elements on clothing, textiles (for unloading) - Without elements;
Complete set of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Curtain;
Material texture (for unloading) - Smooth;
Drawing of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Ornament;
Care instructions - Wash at 30 ° C;
Care instructions - Low temperature drum drying;
Care instructions - Gentle ironing;
Care instructions - Do not bleach;
Type of packaging - Package;
Type of packaging - Suspension


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