Этель / Blanket Bamboo 140 * 205 cm, teak, 300 g / m2

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So soft and cozy! Delicate, warm and beautiful blanket "Ethel" Bamboo will give you only good dreams and a truly wonderful morning. The filler is modern cellulose fiber from bamboo stalks combined with insanely soft swan down. Natural and environmentally friendly filler has such properties as: high strength; antibacterial (cleans the air from harmful microorganisms, prevents the appearance of bed mites); the ability to "breathe", perfectly absorb moisture and dry up to two times faster than cotton. And besides, bamboo fiber is rightfully called a natural antioxidant: it can slow down the aging process of the skin. The cover is made of 100% natural and environmentally friendly cotton, it is pleasant to the touch, it is also breathable and absorbs water. p Size (A x B), cm - 140 x 205;
Green color;
Fabric - Teak;
Filler density - 300;
Bedding filler material - Bamboo fiber;
Fabric composition - Cotton;
Seasonality of blankets - Winter (warmed);
Color not specified;
Material texture (for unloading) - Smooth;
Care instructions - Wash at 30 ° C;
Care instructions - Do not bleach;
Care instructions - Drum drying is prohibited;
Bed linen size - 1.5-bed;
Decorative items on clothing, textiles (for unloading) - Without elements;
Collection (for unloading)
Drawing of clothes, textiles (for unloading) - Flowers and plants;
Type of packaging - Bag;


Length in packing, mm
Package weight, kg
Width in packing, mm
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