Этель / Bed linen "Ethel" 2 b., Blueberry nights, size 175x215 cm, 200x220 cm, 70x70 cm - 2 pieces, 100% cotton, poplin, 125 g/m2

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Bed linen "Ethel: poplin" was created specifically for those who are accustomed to surround themselves with comfort and strive to bring as many bright colors into their lives as possible.

What's good about poplin?

This material is surprisingly soft, thin and at the same time very durable fabric. It is distinguished by a noble matte sheen, which is achieved through a special production technology: the finest cotton threads act as the basis, and the horizontal ones are taken twice as thick.

Poplin bed linen lends itself well to dyeing, and therefore retains color saturation for a long time. In addition, it is well breathable, easy to wash and smooth.


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Poplin (Russia)
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