Этель / Bed linen Ethel 1.5 bd "Twilight" 143x215 cm, 150x214 cm, 70x70 cm -2 pieces

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Bed linen "Ethel: coarse calico" will refresh the interior of any bedroom, bring new colors into it and create a unique comfort and atmosphere of coziness in the room.

What is good coarse calico?

Sets from this fabric are the choice of practical people. This material has a lot of positive qualities. He:

  • pleasant to the touch;
  • suitable even for people with sensitive skin;
  • perfectly passes air and absorbs moisture, maintaining a comfortable microclimate in bed throughout the night;
  • unpretentious in care;
  • does not shrink after washing.
Features of bed linen
  • Bed linen complies with GOST 31307-2005 standards and has a European quality certificate Oeko-Tex.09.HRU.73228.
  • Products are made from 100% organic organic cotton.
  • The density of the fabric is 125 g/m².
  • For drawing drawings high-quality European dyes were used. That is why the colors will remain bright and saturated for a long time, and allergies and irritations will pass by.
  • Sheet without transverse seam!
  • All internal seams are additionally processed with an overlock to avoid natural shedding of the edge.
  • The entrance to the duvet cover and pillowcases is decorated with a valve, the sheet has no elastic.

Duvet cover, 143 × 215 cm - 1 piece;
sheet, 150 × 214 cm - 1 piece;
pillowcase, 70 × 70 cm - 2 pcs.

Product Care Instructions : Wash at 40°C or less without bleach.


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