ErichKrause / Desktop calculator 16-bit Erich Krause DC-777-16N

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Accounting calculator in a plastic case with a 16-digit LCD display. Has two-level memory. The optimal set of computational functions allows you to perform basic mathematical operations, calculate percentages, markups, extract the square root, summarize the operations performed and remember the intermediate result. The convenient keyboard is equipped with double zero and delete the last displayed digit buttons. The presence of two switches: the rounding mode and the number of decimal places. To save energy, there are two power sources: solar and lithium battery, as well as an automatic shutdown function. Calculator type - Desktop;
Display capacity - 16;
Rotary display - No;
Metal body - Yes;
Calculator Functions - Calculate Margin (MU);
Features of the calculator - Metal case;
Calculator power supply - Dual;
Calculator battery type - Tablets;
Material - Plastic;
Eurosuspension - Yes;
Temperature limitation of transportation - Yes


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