Мякиши / Educational toy-warmer "Penguin"

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Materials: textiles, cherry pits;
Package size: 29 cm × 20 cm × 4 cm;
Certificate: EAC;
Color: White, Black;
Age: From 3 years old;
Material: Textile, Cherry pits;
Features: Hot-water bottle Educational toy-warmer "Penguin" with cherry bones is a must-have for modern parents! Suitable for babies from birth. Features * Helps to cope with colic in newborns, soothe, relieve physical and emotional stress. * Relaxes before bed and helps to fall asleep faster. * Heated cherry pits are a soothing aromatherapy. * The toy helps to train the fine motor skills of the baby's fingers. * Develops play activities, tactile and sensory skills. *Suitable for boys and girls. The plush toy is made of high quality hypoallergenic material. Inside is a pillow with cherry pits. The toy can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the refrigerator. Cherry pits have unique properties to keep warm and cold. The toy will soothe the baby's tummy with colic and cool with bruises. Develops Neutral mode (room temperature mode) develops fine motor skills, auditory development, tactile sensations, and the work of visual receptors. The child will like to touch the grains in his hands. Warms How to heat? Remove the cherry pit pillow from the toy and heat in the microwave for 40 seconds at 600W. Then put the pillow inside the toy and make sure the temperature is comfortable for you and your baby. Place a warm toy on your baby's tummy for colic. Checked: Helps! The bag must be completely cool before reheating. You can not heat the entire toy as a whole. The warm mode relaxes, warms, warms up the baby car seat and bottle feeding, prepares the baby for sleep, relieves emotional and physical stress, calms and improves mood. Cooling How to cool? Place the pillow with cherry pits in a plastic bag in the freezer and freeze to a temperature that is comfortable for you (no more than 60 minutes). Cold mode helps with bruises, tones.


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