Double-sided body massage brush

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The massage brush is designed to wash the body, has an active peeling effect, toning, massaging and effectively cleansing your skin. The body of the brush with a removable handle is made of natural beech.
Thanks to the exfoliating effect of high-quality natural bristles, the skin is freed from dead cells, it becomes smooth, elastic and fresh. An intense and tingling fresh body massage using a brush stimulates blood circulation, activates blood supply, promotes metabolism, which in turn allows you to feel refreshed and refreshed after taking a shower or bath. It regenerates the skin, making it pleasantly soft, soft and better ready for cosmetic products. It brings pleasant relaxation to the whole body. Fights spasms and muscle pain, prevents cellulite formation and provides a rejuvenating effect. Natural materials protect even the most delicate and sensitive skin from irritation during massage.

This brush is very convenient for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the body. On the body of the brush there is an additional textile handle and an eyelet for hanging.


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