Asik / Collectible Ossetian doll in a white velvet dress, beaded embroidery, 35 cm

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Size: height - 34 cm

face Painting, braids - natural silk. Solitaire manually tied with crochet and hand-tied fringe. Jewelry and lapel belt hooks made in gold color.

suit Material: ceramic, velvet.

Embroidery: Zolota with beads.

Color: white, gold.

hair Color: red.

eye Color: blue

100% handmade.

Soulful bright eyes, dark eyebrows, long tresses, elaborately embroidered robes, all of this is the embodiment of the national porcelain dolls company DOLLS Asik.

Due to the handmade embroidery doll seems to be a living embodiment. Embroidery with stones, beads and other types of craft, which performed in national costumes, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dolls of the peoples of the world are ideal as a collectable gift or SUV��of ner for any occasion.

There are various options for decorating apparel dolls, there are some 190 variants of patterns that can be filled with a variety of fabrics, stamping, beading, also products made in any color variations. Outfits can be complemented with jewelry belt, lapel hooks and other types of jewelry. Doll ASIK are second to none.

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