Доляна / Doliana / Set of bath and toilet mats "Shells", 3 pcs: 38 × 46, 40 × 45, 45 × 75 cm

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Various rugs have long become almost an obligatory attribute of any bathroom. We want to introduce you to the best of the best. We present you a bath mat. We are sure he will fall in love at first sight! Rugs-mats have long been popular and are known in almost every home. Take a look at the distinctive features of bath mats made of this material: convenient to wash by hand with warm water and soapy foam; does not require special storage and use conditions; wear-resistant, durable, do not deform over time; rubberized base protects against slipping; differ in hypoallergenic properties. You will be surprised by the soft and delicate texture of the rug, and a variety of bright colors will help to revitalize and complement the existing bathroom design. Separately, you will appreciate its low cost and high quality.


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