Доляна / Doliana / Organizer with hanging pockets "Cat", 3 compartments, 59 × 20 cm, beige

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Minimum order amount for the supplier 24.29 USD

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Wall pockets are a versatile item for organizing storage in any home. Comfortable, roomy, beautiful, lightweight. Unlike wooden shelves, they take up less space, they can be hung on the door, things do not get dusty in them (if necessary, the pockets can be washed), they will not deteriorate during transportation. Such pockets are useful for storing little things in any room: in the hallway you can store guest slippers, shoe spoons, brushes and creams in them, and if you hang them near the mirror - combs and cosmetics;
in the bathroom in the pockets you can store spare shampoos, bathing accessories, personal hygiene products. Also, the pockets can be hung on a crib, it is convenient to keep children's toys, bottles, diapers and other baby change in them;
In the kindergarten, in the locker in the pockets, you can store removable things and hygiene items. Wall pockets are a convenient and ergonomic item for storing and organizing things.


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