Доляна / Doliana / Geyser coffee maker "Style", 6 cups

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The device will delight yourself and loved ones with delicious coffee every day. The operation of the device is based on steam pressure: thanks to this, it does not require electricity. You can prepare a drink on a regular gas stove. How do I use the coffee maker? Very simple! Fill the bottom with water (at least halfway to prevent overflow through the valve). Place the funnel and pour the ground coffee into it. Attach the top of the appliance firmly. Cook on the stove until liquid fills the top. An important detail: control the coffee preparation process and do not overflow the drink. Remember that on average it takes 5-10 minutes to cook. Advantages The surface does not absorb odors, is easy to clean and retains excellent external qualities for a long time. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the metal, cooking is particularly fast. Hull ex


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