Доляна / Doliana / Baking dish "House of Snow White", 27 × 18.5 × 14 cm, MIX color

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Silicone baking dish is a modern solution for practical and welcoming housewives. This original item allows you to cook your favorite dishes from meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, as well as delicious pastries in the oven. Why should this product be in the kitchen? the dish retains the desired shape and is easily separated from the walls after cooking; high temperature resistance (from –40 to 230 ℃) allows using the mold in ovens and freezers; a small mass makes the operation of the subject easy even for a fragile woman; the silicone is dishwasher safe; high-strength material makes the mold a durable tool; when stored, the item takes up little space. Tips for using the mold Before first use, rinse the item with warm water. Use a kitchen tool made of wood, plastic or silicone during the cooking process. Before removing the dish from the


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