Доляна / Doliana / Baking dish “Corrugated circle. Care ", 30.5 × 4 cm, with silicone handles, removable bottom, non-stick coating

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Package Contents A non-stick coated mold is useful for every chef who is used to cooking quickly and tasty. Operating instructions Before using for the first time, rinse the product thoroughly with water and diluted detergent and dry it with a soft cloth or cloth. Before baking, it is recommended to line the bottom of the mold with food parchment or a non-stick mat, and cover the entire inner surface with a thin layer of oil using a cooking brush. This will prevent the butter and dough from flowing out during cooking and keep their shape in excellent condition. Do not wash with hard sponges and do not allow the dishes to cool down so that scratches and microcracks do not appear on the case and non-stick coating. It is strictly forbidden to use metal shovels. Remove the dish from the oven, slightly undercooking. This will allow it to gently reach its optimal condition and not dry out. For convenience and safety during the day, the Form with corrugated edges is a wonderful gift for all lovers of delicious and very beautiful pastries. With a high-quality device, even a beginner can amaze home and guests with a culinary masterpiece. Why is this tool good? The non-stick coating reduces oil consumption and makes it easier to remove the cooked food. The durable body does not deform over time. Convenient removable silicone grips make use comfortable. The surface does not absorb odors and is easy to clean. The material is food safe. After cooking, the dish can be garnished with berries or fruits. It is not recommended to use highly abrasive detergents and metal objects.


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