Доляна / Doliana / Bag for kneading dough "Bronk", 35 × 22 cm, white

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What difficulties did you encounter while kneading the dough? Flour all over the kitchen, dirty sticky hands and a large saucepan smeared with the remains of dough, a stained table and rolling pin. It's time for new, modern methods! All practical and modern housewives have used a special silicone bag for kneading dough for a long time! The algorithm of work is simple: pour all the ingredients into the bag and fasten the fasteners tightly; we knead it like an ordinary dough: we roll it, flatten it, without fear for its safety; we take out the finished dough. You can not be afraid to spill its contents: the tight fastener secures the edges of the bag securely. Material - food grade silicone. It is reliable, elastic, odorless, does not react with food. Your hands, kitchen, dishes and clothes will be clean! A bag for kneading dough Doliana "Bronk", 35 × 22 cm, white color will be useful for you if: you need to knead up to 1.5 kg of dough for dumplings, pies or dumplings; juice vegetables or fruits


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