Доляна / A set of children's dishes Dolyana "Sorceress", 3 items: mug 230 ml, bowl 400 ml, plate 18 cm

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Is your child naughty at the table? Doesn't want to obey at all and opposes every new spoon with a real protest action? Turn breakfasts, lunches and dinners into an entertaining game!

A set of children's dishes is a faithful helper for all moms and dads. Colorful colors and favorite characters will delight the baby whenever it's time to eat. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will become entertainment for the child, and parents will finally be able to stop worrying: feeding their own child will no longer be a problem!

The set includes 3 items:

  • mug 230 ml - 1 pc.,
  • bowl 400 ml - 1 pc.,
  • plate d=18 cm


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