SPELL / Disinfectant for cleaning floors 1 l, pack of 6

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SPELL 1 L disinfectant for mopping is sold in packages of 6 pcs, the price is indicated for packaging. Concentrated product for disinfection and cleaning of floors suitable for all types of flooring: laminate, parquet, tiles, porcelain tiles and linoleum, and also for washing hard surfaces of other materials (plastic, wood, metal, glass) resistant to water. Removes dirt without leaving any streaks. Does not contain chlorine. Suitable for daily hygiene and disinfection in the home, safe for cleaning children's rooms and for Pets. Method of application: For daily hygienic cleaning and mopping: dilute 25 ml of product in 10 litres of warm water and wash the floors. For washing and antibiotic treatment flooring: dilute 50 ml of product in 10 litres of warm water, wash the surface and leave it for 30 minutes until dry. The solution does not require rinsing. Composition: Quaternary ammonium compound, functional, and technology components, including the nonionic surfactants and other components for cleaning and degreasing action, corrosion inhibitor, dye and deionized water. pH (10,0 ± 1,5).


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