Хорекс / Dish with handles "Blu reattivo", d=32.5 cm

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Composition: Porcelain; Package size: 33 cm × 28 cm × 3.5 cm; Certificate: PCT; Diameter, cm: 32.5; Color: Blue; Shape: Round; Material: Porcelain; Type of plate: Flat; Dishwasher safe: Yes; Can be used in microwave oven: Yes; Design: Multicolor Porcelain tableware "Horex" is made of the highest quality raw materials. The painting is done manually with multi-colored high-temperature glaze. There may be drops of glaze from painting on the products. They match the tone of the artistic painting, do not impair the appearance, do not contradict the artistic design and do not spoil the quality of the products. Crockery "Horex" is produced in Russia. The manufacturing cycle includes the following steps: 1. Preparation of clay mass. 2. Modeling of product forms. 3. First firing - 800 °C. 4. Glazing. 5. The second firing - 1200 °C, providing adhesion and hardening of the glaze. Saturated colors, abrasion-resistant glaze, unusual product design make the dishes an excellent choice for professional use and festive home serving. Suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens.


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