Дельта Терм / Reusable salt heating pad "Collar"

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Salt heating pad is a modern alternative to mustard plasters and compresses. It is compact, safe, does not require water or power supply. This makes the device indispensable for both travel and home. Recommendations for use: inflammation of the ear, throat, nose; colds accompanied by cough; joint and muscle pain; migraine; cervical osteochondrosis; bruises, trauma (as a cooling compress) Contraindications: acute inflammation accompanied by suppuration; heat; open wounds and bleeding; benign and malignant neoplasms; diseases of the cardiovascular system; diseases of the thyroid gland For adults It is recommended to carry out warming up for 20-30 minutes. Temperature + 54 ° C is optimal and excludes the possibility of burns. Use a heating pad Additionally The "Collar" salt heating pad is intended for warming up large areas of the body, neck, spine, joints, and is used for arrhythmias and heart failure. Effective for joint diseases - arthritis, arthrosis. Helps in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. This form is indispensable for people suffering from migraines. Relieves stress and tension. Heating temperature: +52 ° C. Keeps temperature up to 90 minutes.
Heating pad type - Salt;
Scope (body) - Universal


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