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Transportation of dangerous goods by road requires both special training of drivers and logisticians, as well as coordination of transport with regulatory authorities. The company "Kronatrans" guarantees both competence of its employees, and impeccability in execution of all necessary documents. Carried dangerous goods:  Class 1: Explosives such as ammonite, granulite, granonite, SYNV;  Class 2: gases, propane, butane, methane, argon;  Class 3: flammable liquids; gasoline, diesel, methyl isobutyl carbinol.  Class 4: flammable materials and substances, potassium, sodium, phosphorus;  Class 5: oxidizable substances;  Class 6: toxic substances; sodium cyanide, nitrobenzolcot, potassium arsenate;  Class 8: corrosive substances;  Class 9: Other hazardous substances.