Declaration of conformity GOST R Declaration of conformity GOST R

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The GOST R Declaration is a document certifying the conformity of products to safety standards that operate in the territory of the Russian Federation. The document is mandatory for receipt - in the event that according to the legislation on certain products a declaration of conformity of GOST R is required, then without its presence the enterprise can not legally: -Produce goods in Russia; -Execute import-export procedures; -Use products for commercial purposes; -Realize the goods. The Declaration of Conformity of GOST R is required for products, substances, products, if this product is included in the lists of mandatory declarations, regulated by the RPR No. 982 of 1 December 2009. The process of obtaining a GOST R declaration consists of several main stages: 1). The company applies to the certification center. 2). There is a collection of documents and its submission to the staff of the center. 3). Samples of products are selected, which undergo a laboratory examination. 4). If this is required by the verification scheme, then an analysis of production capacities is also carried out. 5). A declaration of conformity of GOST R is produced, entered in the register and issued to the applicant. You can apply to the Center "Test Petersburg Certification", whose specialists will provide consulting services absolutely free of charge and will help you obtain a permit.