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Decal on textiles. The picture is transferred to the textile with a flat iron. Print change color when exposed to heat of Your body! The dyes contain thermochromic pigment capable of change color temperature (thermogram) of the human body. Method of use: Step 1. Cut out a picture of a indent in 2-3 mm from the edge of the image. Apply the decal in the desired place print down. Step 2. Heated to a maximum temperature iron with no steam, gently iron the entire the label for 10 seconds. Step 3. Allow to cool completely and slowly remove the paper. Step 4. Put it on, print change the color from Your body heat! Care: For care of clothing with a pattern, use of hand-washing, removing the print image inside out. Print do not iron! Composition: thermal transfer paper, adhesive, silk-screen ink, thermochromic pigment. Do they make size: 165*145 mm Packing size (Height*Depth*Width): 20*0,5*15,5 cm Item weight with packaging: 30 g Products certification is not subject.


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