Фабрика Рекламных Технологий / 3D figure – Head of the African Buffalo KVK Brown

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Designer 3D from felt and cardboard in ECO style for children from 4 years and adults Color: brown Handfeel: smooth Size: Packed: 230*300mm

assembled: 200*180*320 mm Weight in package: 400 g Composition: paperboard, recovered fiber Production country: Russia The African Buffalo is the largest of the modern bulls. The weight sometimes reaches up to 900-1000 lbs. Occasionally old bulls weighing up to 1200 kg. Height at withers in adult males up to 1.8 m, usually 1.5—1.6 m, with a body length of 3-3,4 m. Buffalo are very cautious animals, they have poor eyesight, they assess the situation through the sense of smell and hearing. Old buffalos are dangerous to animals and humans.


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