Фабрика Рекламных Технологий / 3D figure – Head of red deer KV Black

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Designer 3D from felt and cardboard in ECO style for children from 4 years and adults Color: black Handfeel: soft, fleecy Size: Packed: 230*300 mm

the assembled: 350*220*270 mm Weight Packed: 520 g Composition: paperboard, recovered fiber Production country: Russia Deer live in many parts of the world. Weighs from 100 to 300 kg. Natural enemy of red deer are the wolves. Protected deer with hooves, and the males are and horns. The red deer has antlers with a large number of processes (usually at least five), which form a kind of recognizable crown on top of the horns. Eat grass, nuts, berries, acorns.


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