Фабрика Рекламных Технологий / 3D figure – the moose Head SQ White

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Designer 3D from felt and cardboard in ECO style for children from 4 years and adults Color: white Tactile sensation: soft, fleecy Size: Packed: 230*300 mm

the assembled: 290*230*320 mm Weight Packed: 520 g Composition: paperboard, recovered fiber Production country: Russia Moose — cloven-hoofed mammal, the largest species of the deer family. Body length of males up to 3 m, height to 2.3 m, tail length 12-13 cm; weight 360-600 kg, the Trunk and neck short, the withers high, in the form of a hump. Feet greatly elongated, the males are huge (the largest of the modern mammals) spade-like antlers; their wingspan reaches 180 cm, weight — 20-30 kg of Horns elk resets annually in November — December and walks without them until April — may.


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