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The services of a customs broker include, first of all, customs clearance ("cleaning") of goods crossing the state border of the Russian Federation. Our company renders the whole complex of services, including fast collection and registration of all necessary documents, competent assignments of codes, calculation of payments, passage of all stages of customs clearance of the imported cargo, up to its release into free circulation. Customs clearance is a procedure related to the fulfillment of the requirements of legislation applied to goods transported across the state border of the country. Customs clearance requires professional knowledge, skills and experience, because the consequences of incorrect or illiterate actions can be very serious. That is why it is important that the work is done by professionals. The customs broker "April" guarantees a high professional level of performance of all necessary formalities related to customs clearance (customs clearance, customs clearance, customs declaration) of imported goods. Customs representative (customs broker), the company "April" renders the whole complex of customs services: * Definition of HS codes; * Correct definition of customs value; Calculation of customs payments; * Customs clearance of goods, incl. preliminary electronic declaration; * Certification of goods; * Obtaining permits: * GOST R conformity certificates for batch, for contract, for series * Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity * Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. * Certificate of state registration * Certificate of compliance with technical regulations ("fire certificates") for a lot, for a contract, for a series * Test reports from accredited laboratories * Certificates of Origin (CT-1) * Certificates of quality of flour, bakery and pasta * Conclusions on the content of ozone destroying substances, alcohol, etc. * Evaluation of the value of goods used * Assistance in obtaining classification decisions * Assistance in obtaining EDS (digital signature) Moreover, our company can act as an importer and make all necessary actions for buying and importing, as well as customs clearance of cargo for the customer. Customs broker April helps to prepare the necessary documents for submission to the customs authorities, conducts analysis of import prices and other conditions of importing the customer's cargo to ensure compliance with the legislation and import regulations on the territory of the Russian Federation. Competent preparation of all documents is a guarantee of fast passage of all formalities and release of cargo for free circulation.