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Customs clearance of cargo is not an easy procedure, having its own peculiarities depending on the border crossed, rules and procedures in force between specific states. For example, the movement of goods across the borders of the states that are members of the Customs Union has a number of differences, in particular, for such goods there is no need to pay duties, the same procedure is much faster than when moving across the border of a state that is not a member of the union. The company "VED South" Ltd. - a customs representative with more than 20 years of experience will help you to pass the procedure of customs clearance of cargo, control and customs clearance. We will help you to clear your shipment, according to the selected customs procedure, to pass customs control in Rostov, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, LNR, DNR, etc. In addition, we are ready to solve any complex or non-standard task, according to your requirements. From you we need requirements, and our qualified specialists will find solutions to your problem. Customs clearance of goods: order, procedure and its stages Customs clearance is mandatory. It includes a number of activities that arise in the process of moving goods and goods across the customs border. This procedure is complex and requires special skills and knowledge in the field of foreign trade, as well as knowledge of customs legislation. We are engaged in professionally customs clearance of goods in compliance with all requirements and norms of customs legislation. Attraction of the company "VED South" as a customs representative will help you greatly simplify the passage of customs control and save your time. First, customs declarations are filled. They contain information about all cargoes that are subject to import or export duties through the Russian border. Then the representative of the supplier presents the goods to the customs officers and describes it. This stage is called oral declaration. Next, the cargo is inspected by customs officers. The inspectors check whether the goods presented are in conformity with the declarations and the oral description. If the goods are packed, the package may be opened if there is a suspicion of the transport of prohibited goods. Calculate the amount of duty to be paid to the budget. The amount of duties is determined in accordance with the HS code assigned to the shipment. The next step is the payment of duties. The carrier is obliged to make all payments, and the receipts are to be presented to the customs officers. A permit is issued for the movement of goods across the border. Having on hand all receipts and issued permits, the carrier follows with cargo across the border. This order is valid at any borders of countries that are not members of the Customs Union. The carrier passes through two clearance procedures: at the customs office of the country of export, and at the customs office of importation. In both cases it is necessary to pay fees, if there are no benefits. Such a procedure, as customs clearance in Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar or any other Russian city, is usually performed in several stages established in the requirements of customs legislation. Customs clearance may include both the operations for the delivery and inspection of goods, as well as the direct registration of goods / goods, necessary for complete customs clearance of the goods. Documents of customs clearance The list of documents for customs clearance varies depending on the type of cargo, from the border crossed and other factors. Here is the main list of documentation: Documents for a legal entity in the event that the goods belong to the company: Charter, Certificate of Registration, certificate of existence of a settlement account, etc. Power of Attorney issued to a representative. It is needed if the carrier is a transport company or a customs broker. Invoice for the shipment. Waybill. Licenses and certificates for cargo. Insurance contracts. The list can be much wider, it all depends on the type of cargo and the circumstances of transportation. The procedure for customs clearance of cargoes has a number of nuances that can place the procedure. Intentional or unintentional errors in the execution of documents are possible, which leads to violation of the customs legislation. It is necessary to thoroughly know the legislation of the countries of the recipient and the consignor of the goods, carefully fill in customs documents in order to successfully pass customs control. The customs broker of the company "VED South" will help you in this. Our specialists will prepare your goods in the shortest possible time and with the minimum possible costs. The company "VED South" LLC offers you to use the service - customs clearance of cargo for transportation to the territory of the Russian Federation and customs control. We guarantee our clients a high level of service and qualified assistance from our specialists. The company "VED South" has its own Temporary Storage Facility (WFS), where your cargo can be placed before the completion of all procedures for processing documents and passing customs. Managers of our company will assist you in the preparation of all necessary documentation, as well as assist in the certification and licensing of the goods. We work throughout Russia, as well as in Ukraine (ЛНР, ДНР).