Dubok Wooden Family / Construction set for the family "Trailer for a tractor", oak

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Construction set for the family "Trailer for a tractor" For adults and children over 14 years old. Children under 14 years old can assemble the constructor exclusively under the supervision and with the direct participation of adults. If you want a status product, buy an oak constructor. If you want to work boldly without fear of spoiling expensive wood, buy a pine construction set. Need a "golden mean", pay attention to birch wood. Constructor made of natural oak in 3D puzzle format. It is a set for creating a one-piece model of a tractor trailer. By itself, a strong and powerful tractor can be of little use to a person without attachments, with which he plows, sows, irrigates, and applies fertilizer. And the tractor also has a trailer as its assistants. If necessary, the tractor driver connects the trailer to the tractor and uses it to transport goods: boxes with fruit from the garden, logs or firewood from the forest, animals from the farm. So our "Tractor" now has a main assistant - "Trailer for a tractor". It only fits the Tractor model and comes complete with a Cow pet figurine. We recommend purchasing the "Trailer for a tractor" constructor complete with the assembled model "Tractor" or with the constructor "Tractor". As a stand-alone model, the Tractor Trailer may be useless, as it involves attachment to a toy car. Attention! Constructor "Trailer for a tractor" is additional to the constructor "Tractor", therefore it does not contain carpentry tools. We expect that the file and nail file remained with you after assembling the Traktor model. If you have purchased the "Tractor" assembled, then by agreement at the time of purchase, we can complete the constructor "Trailer for a tractor" with carpentry tools. Tractor Trailer Constructor contains significantly fewer parts compared to the main models. It is great for trying your hand at self-assembling models and training the skill of handling designer parts. Assembling the Tractor Trailer model will take less time than assembling the basic constructor models: from 3 to 10 hours, depending on the skills of using hand carpentry tools. Content: 1. One panel made of natural oak, 1.8 cm thick. 14 parts are sawn in it, which are held in the panels by thin jumper-cut edges. 2. Lodgment with additional equipment: - tires for wheels made of safe TPE used for the manufacture of baby nipples, 2 pcs .; - axles for wheels, 1 pc .; - plugs for functional openings and headlights; - safe varnish 30 ml, 2 pcs .; - glue 30 ml, 1 pc .; - PVC gloves; - sandpaper; - a figurine of a pet "Cow". 3. Assembly instructions. Detailed and understandable instructions will help you to assemble the constructor correctly, easily and with pleasure. Material: Oak Packing size (LxWxH): 66x35x2 cm Package weight: 2.2 kg Model size after assembly (LxWxH): 33x15.5x17.8 cm Model weight after assembly: 1.9 kg Country of origin: Russia

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