Dubok Wooden Family / Construction set for the family "Airplane", birch

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Construction set for the family "Airplane" For adults and children over 14 years old. Children under 14 years of age can assemble the constructor exclusively under the supervision and with the direct participation of adults. If you want a status product, buy an oak constructor. If you want to work boldly without fear of spoiling expensive wood, buy a pine construction set. Need a "golden mean", pay attention to birch wood. Constructor made of natural oak in 3D puzzle format. It is a set for creating a non-separable aircraft model. We took the love of adventure and the eternal striving up to the sky. We combined them with creativity, the ability to design, added a light breath of wind, the gentle warmth of the sun, all the boyish dreams of becoming a pilot and created our plane. We chose the unusual shape of the aircraft for a reason: this is how the first biplane aircraft looked at the end of the 19th century. Their fuselage and double wings, one above the other, were made of wood. By the time the First World War broke out, biplanes had become popular wooden birds. We made the main parts of the kit from natural oak. They are connected to each other with glue, but some parts of the plane remain movable: the propeller and wheels. During the assembly of the designer, it is quite possible to imagine yourself as a pioneer aircraft builder and awaken in your son an interest in carpentry, the history of the first aircraft and the profession of an aircraft designer or pilot. When all the details are connected, you will hear the victorious "I DID IT MYSELF!". But this is just the beginning of the jubilation! The winged car will decorate the interior of a nursery or study, become a favorite toy, collectible item or family heirloom. And of course, it will keep your hands warm for many years. Assembling the Airplane model takes from 5 to 15 hours, depending on the skills of working with the tools. Our designer is a small carpentry workshop, which has everything you need to assemble the "Airplane" model. Content: 1. Two panels made of natural oak. One panel 1.8 cm thick with sawn parts in the amount of 32 pcs. The second is 6 mm thick. The parts are held in the panels by means of thin jumper notches. 2. Lodgment with additional equipment: - tires for wheels made of safe TPE used for the manufacture of baby nipples, 2 pcs .; - axle for wheels, 1 piece; - aluminum wing mounts; - plugs for functional openings and headlights; - safe varnish for children's toys 40 ml, 2 pcs .; - glue 40 ml, 1 pc .; - PVC gloves, 2 pairs; - sandpaper; - file; - nail file. 3. Assembly instructions. Detailed and understandable instructions will help you to assemble the constructor correctly, easily and with pleasure. Material: Oak Packing size (LxWxH): 66x35x2.6 cm Designer weight in package: 3.9 kg Model size after assembly (LxWxH): 42x55x23 cm Model weight after assembly: 2.5 kg Country of origin: Russia

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