COLOP / Automatic self-typing

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Automatic self-type printing, diameter 40 mm, 1 circle, Colop Printer R40, black - this is a unique product, the advantage of which is its versatility. With its help, you can quickly type any text, and, if necessary, make changes to the content or replace the information completely. Each kit includes an automatic rig with a removable built-in pad and grooved plate, cash registers of letters, numbers and symbols, as well as tweezers. Advantages of COLOP automatic rigs: high reliability; durability; modern design. The mechanism for attaching letters to the text board is very reliable. With the help of tweezers and a cash register, letters are attached to the grooves of the text plate from right to left, in a "mirror" image. Cash desks can be with Russian or Latin letters. Pocket self-typing stamp can easily replace a business card with name, phone numbers, email coordinates and address, which can be dialed in minutes. Also used to design an internal document
Stamp type -Print;
Features of stamps -Automatic;
Number of lines, circles -1;
Black color;
Number of cash desks in the set -1;
Font height, mm -2.2;
Volume, ml -;
Body color - Black;
Euro suspension -Yes; ;
Kaspi's product SERVICE -Printing;


Package weight, kg
Length in packing, mm
Package height, mm
Width in packing, mm

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