Кольчугинский мельхиор / Coaster "Three heroes"

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Composition: Copper;
Materials: copper;
Certificate: PCT;
Color: Copper;
Addressee: No addressee;
Material: Copper;
Theme: Classic Copper Cup Holder is an elegant and practical item that has been popular since the 19th century. Thanks to the highest quality of surface treatment, it will decorate the interior made in a traditional style. The product of domestic production perfectly copes with its direct duties: with it you can safely drink hot tea from a faceted glass. Features: * durable case, * characteristic shine, * comfortable handle, * unlimited service life. A solid cup holder will be the right gift for any man and all connoisseurs of the classics. Whether you take it on the road, on a picnic or use it at home, the product will come in handy everywhere. Let every tea party be spiritual!


Length in packing, mm
Width in packing, mm
Package height, mm
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