Kaemingk / Cloth tablecloth Carnations Aquitaine 80 * 80 cm

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The Aquitaine Carnation tablecloth will transform any table setting and add light romantic notes to the atmosphere.
Made in a pleasant coral shade and decorated with a colorful print with flowers, it looks very stylish and will suit any occasion.
A tablecloth for serving will help not only to give the table a neat look, but also to complement the decoration of the room.
Combined with vases, candles, flower bouquets and other decor, you get a charming interior composition.
A small fabric tablecloth is useful for decorating a coffee or coffee table, and can also complement the classic setting of a gala dinner: use a compact and original tablecloth over the main one - one color or longer - it will be practical and very expressive! Specifications: Size: 80 * 80 cm.
Material: textile.
Weight: 0.19 kg Package volume: 0.0007 m 3

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