Дымковская глиняная игрушка / Clay toy "Bear with a violin"

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an Unusual fantasy of the author led to the rupture of people's templates. In fairy tales the bear plays on the balalaika or the accordion. In this case, Mikhail Potapych presented with the violin.

Size: 8.5 x 12.5 x 8

products catalog Dymkovo toys can be found as individual characters, and songs, stories. Masters reproduce through their toys stories of Russian folk tales, festivals and history of everyday life.

Initially, all products Dymkovo toys was dedicated to the historical events that took place in Ancient Russia, such as whistles specially molded for the holiday, "Svistunya" (1811), later the toys began to sculpt on the plots of Russian folk tales, being the whole story of the clay exposure, murals, reliefs.

Bright colors will suit any decor, decorate office space or can be your souvenir for any occasion.


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