Kaemingk / Christmas tree basket Country Style 57 * 28 cm lightened wood

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If you are attentive to details and prefer to bring any undertaking to perfection, then this basket will definitely come in handy.
It is specially created for festive Christmas trees to make their image as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
The model is made of thin natural twigs and looks very stylish, fresh and modern.
The designers chose a rather unexpected color scheme for the basket: a lightened vine.
But in the New Year's decoration, this color is very appropriate, besides, it is discreet and in perfect harmony with any interior.
The dimensions of the basket are suitable for trees of different sizes: the walls are 28 cm high and the diameter is 57 cm.
Give your Christmas tree grace and chic with the Country Style basket! Measurements: 57 * 28 cm.
Inner basket diameter: bottom - 55 cm, top - 44 cm.
Production material: natural willow vine Color: clarified tree.
Installation instructions: first of all, you need to assemble the stand of your tree, then install it inside the basket.
After that, collect the trunk and the rest of the tiers of the tree (following the instructions for your spruce).
If the spruce has already been collected, it is necessary to disconnect it from the stand and then put it back in place by placing the basket between the trunk and the stand.
Weight: 1.1 kg Package length: 0.61 m.
Packing width: 0.61 m.
Package height: 0.3 m.
Package volume: 0.1092 m 3

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