Золотая Хохлома / Chest-box, Khokhloma painting, 27x20x14.5 cm

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Chest-jewelry box. The size of the product 270х200х145 mm. is Manufactured in accordance with the traditional technology of wood materials. Has the original painting in the technique of background letter and internal flokirovanie surface. the Lacquer finish makes the product waterproof and resistant to wear. All used in the production of materials natural and environmentally friendly. Box is a versatile gift for both ladies and for friend, colleague or business partner. It will decorate the interior, creating it a festive accent. Each product has the signature of the author of the painting. The packaging consists of branded Kraton. Sizes: Length: 270 mm Width: 200 mm Height: 145 mm Materials: Wood, primer, linseed oil, aluminum powder, enamel, natural pigments and dyes, varnish suitable for contact with food products.

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