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Our company is pleased to offer you product certification services! We can help in making - Certificate of conformity - Declaration of conformity We can assist in the provision of the following services 1. Analysis of goods and accompanying documents arriving at the territory of the Customs Union. 2. Determination of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union or the State Standard. 3. Sampling for testing. 4. Selection of accredited testing centers (laboratories) and conclusion of contracts with them. 5. Marking with appropriate control marks. 6. Obtaining test reports from accredited testing centers (laboratories). 7.Preparation and submission of a package of documents for the preparation of declarations of conformity or certificates of conformity. 8. Transfer of the full package of documents to the customer. 9. Release of goods for free circulation. Certification of products in the European Union CE marking EC Certificate of Conformity EC Declaration of Conformity CE Marking CE marking process: Evidence of conformity of products to the requirements of the Directives of the New Approach to the European Union, with the right to affix CE marking, varies, depending on the product itself, the Directive or Directives for which products fall within the harmonized EU standards. The certification scheme with the right to apply the CE mark can be divided into several stages: - Determination under which EU Directive or EU Directive the product falls and whether the requirement to apply the CE mark is mandatory for this product; - to determine whether there are harmonized European standards (Harmonized Standards) that are applicable to the product, in cases where harmonized product standards are not available, CE marking is impossible, the product falls within the national standards of a particular European country. European standards are developed when there is a significant industry, market or public need for these standards. Harmonized standards are adopted in accordance with Art. 10 of Regulation (EC) No 1025/2012 for the application of harmonization of the legislation of the European Union. Compliance with harmonized standards ensures the presumption of compliance with the relevant requirements of harmonized legislation. Manufacturers, other business entities or conformity assessment bodies may use harmonized standards to demonstrate that products, services or processes comply with the relevant EU legislation. The application of harmonized standards is voluntary. Manufacturers, other business entities or conformity assessment bodies may freely choose any other technical solution that ensures compliance with mandatory legal requirements. - make sure that the product meets the basic requirements of the Directive or several European Union Directives and bear in mind that each EU Directive of the New and Global Approaches has several different ways of demonstrating compliance, depending on the classification of the product and its intended use; - determine the need for participation in the proof of compliance with the Notified Body, as there are products where the participation of the authorized body is mandatory; - prepare the necessary documentation at the request of the Directive; - to conduct research, by means of which, conformity is determined; - prepare a Declaration of Conformity and all necessary evidence; - determine whether there are any additional requirements that relate to the products, depending on the country of delivery; - affix the CE marking, in the case of compliance with the harmonized requirements of the European Union, to the product or packaging. In cases of placing on the domestic market of countries, members of the European Union of products subject to the EU directives defining the CE marking, without proof of conformity and lack of CE marking, the products are removed from the market. Our general partner for the certification process (CE Marking), with the right to apply for CE marking products, is SIA International Center for Quality Certification-ICQC, the European Notified Body 2549. EC Declaration of Conformity (Comliance): EC Declaration of Conformity when placing products on the market of the Member States of the European Union is mandatory in cases where the products are covered by the EU Directives that define the rules for the application of the CE mark (CEMark). EC Declaration of Conformity is issued by the manufacturer, than he declares the compliance of the manufactured products with the requirements of the harmonized technical legislation of the European Union. In the event that the manufacturer is located in a third country, including the CIS, the producer is not entitled to issue the Declaration of Conformity by himself, as defined in the EU Directives (depending on the EU Directive, each Directive establishes its requirements). The manufacturer of the third country is obliged to appoint an authorized representative in the territory of the EU, entrusting him with responsibility for the issue of the EC Declaration of Conformity (EC Declaration of Conformity). In the EU Declaration of Conformity, the manufacturer's name, address and contact information, the address of the person holding the technical file, the name of the product (model, article), the Directive and the list of harmonized standards or approved technical solutions that are applied wholly or partly in the design and manufacture of products, test reports, date and place of issue of the EC Declaration of Conformity, data of the responsible person. A mandatory year is the year when the CE mark was affixed for the first time. In view of the entry into force on 1 July 2013 of Articles 3 to 28, Articles 36, 38, 56, 63, 65, 66, as well as of Annexes I, II, III and V of Decision No. 305/2011 / (REGULATION (EU) No 305/2011 Council Directive 89/106 / EEC) abolishes the EU Declaration of Conformity for building materials, and introduces DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE. According to the new requirements of Decision No 305/2011, the Authorized Representative in the EU of the manufacturer will not have the right to issue the ECDeclaration of Conformity and the Declaration of Performance. Declaration of Performance can be produced exclusively by the manufacturer, regardless of where it is located, in the European Union or in a third country, but on the basis of the introduction of systems of permanent production control by accredited (notified) European institutions. Previously issued EC Declaration of Conformity (EC Declaration of Conformity), will be recognized in the territory of the member states of the European Community.