Certification of ISO quality management systems Certification of ISO quality management systems

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ISO certification is a set of measures aimed at assessing the conformity of the company / company's activities, according to the national quality standards of GOST R ISO, developed in strict compliance with international ISO requirements. In Russia, now developed a whole system of QMS, consisting of many ISO standards, the main ones of which can be called: ISO 9001 - quality management assessment; ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Assessment; ISO 18001 - health and safety assessment of employees; ISO 22000 - an assessment of the food safety management system. First of all, it is worth noting that ISO certification of quality systems can be carried out solely on the entrepreneur's initiative, since the implementation of ISO principles (with the exception of HACCP) is a completely voluntary procedure. Despite this, many owners of companies consider the implementation of ISO certification quite justified, as today the availability of the ISO certificate opens up great opportunities for the development of the business. If there is an ISO certificate or a QMS (quality management system) system incorporating several ISO standards, it is possible to establish a manufacturing process that will meet all international requirements and create conditions that minimize production costs and the risk of unforeseen situations. All the clear advantages of ISO certification of quality systems and the conditions for obtaining an ISO certificate will be shared with experts of the Center "Test Petersburg Certification"