Cargo pick-up and delivery to the door Cargo pick-up and delivery to the door

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Implemented by filing the appropriate car to Your specified address. Upon notification of the arrival of the goods, our employees can offer delivery to the door. We offer a collection/delivery customers who need to deliver cargo from the shipper's door to the recipient's door, the addresses in adjacent cities and the region. Delivery of cargo "door to door" can be ordered in full or in part – only a fence or delivery only. Delivery of goods by one or more specified customer locations, both in the city and region. Within 2 days after registration, our drivers will produce acceptance of the goods by the sender, paperwork and will deliver the goods to our warehouse. Then our employees will perform all the necessary application and send the cargo to the recipient's address . To order services You can call any of our offices to place an order on our website or send the completed form by Fax. Be sure to provide a letter of attorney to receive the goods and not to forget to inform about our arrival of the sender.