BUDI BASA / Keychain Bunny Mi with a green bow

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A miniature version of the Mi Bunny toy is embodied in the form of a keychain with a fastener (ring). On the baby's neck there is an accessory - a turquoise ribbon bow in a small blue box. It will look great on bags and backpacks, keep your keys and help you find them quickly. The keychain is always on the way with you! Toy size: 14 cm. Mi Bunnies is a creation of Russian designers that you fall in love with at first sight. Plush cuties are beautiful down to the smallest detail: - High quality velvet-like faux fur. - Neat seams without glue marks. - Tightly padded with fine motor balls. - Impeccably tailored clothing. - 100% hypoallergenic pets. No sneezing and no fur on sweaters. - Antidepressant toys. There is so much positive in them that you can not help smiling. Grab and hug indefinitely. - Delight both young children and sentimental adult aunts. Mi Bunnies are two eared twins Mika and Mia (a boy and a girl). They were the first to appear in the BUDI BASA collection. Mika and Mia look alike, like two buttons on a shirt. But Mick has a distinctive bow tie.


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