ДюнАстра / Boots "Robust"

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Boots "Robust" created specifically for extreme conditions of use. They are produced in accordance with GOST and European Standards No. 345. They are marked according to TR TA 019 of the Customs Union. (production without composite toe is possible) Product Attributes: 3 5 ds Unique technology of 3-component PVC casting. The leg in the boot "breathes" and gets tired much less than usual. Stiffeners are located on the whole boot - increased strength and durability Composite toe cap and Kevlar insole Unrivaled protection for employees and the ability to use in production with magnetic control. Wide shoe and self-cleaning profile Increased comfort when wearing without sticking dirt on the sole.


Boots Robust 1005Ouna specially for extreme conditions. Produced in accordance with GOST and European standards No. 345. Marked in accordance with TR CU 019 of the Customs Union. (possibly productions

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