Pool frame Steel Pro MAX, 457 x 107 cm, filter pump, ladder, awning, 56488 Bestway

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The frame pool is a great choice for the whole family. The frame of the pool is made of durable metal, which allows it to withstand heavy loads. The material of the pool withstands harsh weather conditions, is resistant to direct sunlight and chlorine, and withstands the pressure of large volumes of water.

The built-in drain valve makes it easy to drain the water by connecting a garden hose with the included adapter. Thus, water can be drained to any convenient place or, for example, to water the garden.

The pool comes with a filter pump. Type of cartridges for the filter pump: type "II".

A redesigned frame coating reduces PVC sticking to the frame after extended sun exposure, and the updated FrameLink™ bonding system is even stronger.


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