Bestway / Inflatable play pool "Mickey Mouse"

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Inflatable play pool "Mickey Mouse" 157 x 157 x 91 cm toys. Mickey Mouse play center-pool will diversify the everyday life of the child and make them brighter. In such a pool, you can not only swim and cool off on a summer day, but also play and even develop some skills, for example, color perception and fine motor skills. Several children can be in the pool at once: while one kid is carried away by the play panel in the form of Mickey, the other can launch plastic balls along the inflatable ramp, which will fall into the pool. Install the product at home or outdoors, and the game will become even more interesting. Your kid will love it! The material from which the pool is made will last for many years thanks to its resistance to various kinds of damage. Take it with you on your trip: the pool will easily fit into any suitcase. With the goods of Sima-land this summer, the child will remember for a long time! Complete set: 4 inflatable rings; 6 game balls; inflatable frame for rolling balls. Characteristics


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