Bestway / Boat Kondor 2000

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Boat Kondor 2000 2 seater 196 х 114 cm. Do you want to surprise a child or make an original gift for your friends? Buy a boat! This versatile product will bring vivid emotions to the lives of adults and children and create an unforgettable experience. With such a vessel, new opportunities will open up in front of you, and in addition you will receive a positive charge. Take a ride in it on any body of water, be it a pool, lake, sea or even the ocean, explore the new expanses of the vast planet, arrange competitions on the water or just enjoy the picturesque views. The boat is made of durable PVC material that is resistant to UV radiation, oils, gasoline and other liquids. The product has a relatively low weight (about two kilograms), which means that even a child can independently move the boat to a convenient place or lower it into the water. Complete set: air compartments: 2; oarlocks for oars; tow rope; 2 paddles 1.24 m long; foot pump. Feature


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