BayerLux / Lighting 35448/5 LED 120W

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Luminaire type - LED;
Media Gallery - Video;
Luminaire decor type - Without decor;
Lamp type - LED;
Number of lamps - 5;
Base material - Metal;
Base material - Wood;
Diffuser material - Metal;
Diffuser material - Plastic;
Power per base, W - 120;
Lighting area, sq.m - 12;
Luminaire subspecies - Two-color;
Lamp subspecies - Hi-tech;
Fixture type - On a rod;
Diffuser type - Plafond;
Lamp control - Without remote control;
Base color - White;
Diffuser color - Light colors;
Lamp base - Built-in LED The LED lamp with remote control is made in a modern style. A fashionable and stylish chandelier is suitable for the interior of a nursery, living room, hall, bedroom, hallway or kitchen. Using the remote control, you can smoothly regulate the temperature of the light - from 3,000 to 6,000 K;
and brightness - from night light to full power of the glow. Batteries are not included. The product is made of high quality wood, metal, plastic and LEDs. The service life of the chandelier at home is 20,000 hours. Suitable for rooms with low ceilings and for stretch ceilings. Will light up a room up to 12 m². Additionally Type of ceiling attachment: strip.


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