Sanitelle / Antiseptic aroma gel "Bubble Gum" vitamin E 60 ml

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Antiseptic hand gel Sanitelle® Kids kills 99.99% of most common disease-causing bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Ethyl alcohol included in the gel is the most safe, effective and fast acting antiseptic, and thanks to the vitamin E gel provides natural hydration for the skin.

Gel to wash off with water or remove with a cloth that allows you to disinfect your hands instantly and effortlessly. Thanks to a convenient compact packaging (60 ml) bottle can easily fit in a school backpack or pocket.

Antiseptic hand gels Sanitelle® Kids is made in two colors and have a light aroma of bubble gum (Bubble gum).

Method of application:

Squeeze a small amount of gel on your palm and RUB thoroughly on the skin until it is completely dry. Recommended for use with the whole family.

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