PROSEPT / Air-Active / Oxygen cartridge with essential oil of pine needles

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Bath DZ sanitary room cleaner and disinfectant effectively removes organic impurities (grease, gray deposits, mold, soap, stubborn food stains, etc.). Disinfects surfaces by destroying microorganisms (bacteria, fungi). Has whitening properties. Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting animal toilets. It is used for cleaning, washing, disinfecting and bleaching hard alkali-resistant surfaces, for bleaching linen and dishes. How to use: Washing and disinfecting plumbing: apply the concentrate under the rim of the toilet bowl, leave overnight, rinse with water in the morning. When washing bathtubs and sinks, apply the concentrate evenly on the surface, rinse off with water after 2-3 minutes. Washing and whitening floors: dilute the concentrate with water at the rate of 1:80 (13 ml / l). Bleaching clothes: do not use a concentrate for bleaching clothes. When washing by hand: dilute the concentrate at the rate of 1: 100 (10 ml / l), soak the laundry, after
Disinfectant type - Alkaline;
Purpose of the disinfectant - Professional;


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