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The simple and compact semi-automatic tonometer has a convenient blower and arrhythmia diagnostics. Characteristics of the device: indication of arrhythmia even in the early stages of the disease; simple one-button control; color scale of blood pressure level. The warranty is 5 years. Free service - 10 years. Manufacturer - B. Well Swiss AG, Switzerland. Complete set The device for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate model PRO-30 Cuff conical on the shoulder size M for a shoulder girth of 22-32 cm Blower AAA batteries - 2 pcs. Warranty card Instruction manual Storage bag
Tonometer type - Semi-automatic;
Cuff Fastening - On the shoulder;
Power type - From batteries;
Cuff size - 22.00 * 32.00;
Pressure measurement range, mm Hg Art. - 1.00 * 300.00;
Pulse rate measurement range, beats / min - 40.00 * 200.00;
Features of the tonometer - Arrhythmia indicator;
Features of the tonometer - WHO color scale;
Features of the tonometer - Large display;
Tonometer memory - Last measurement;
Features of the tonometer - Auto power off;
Battery size - AAA


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