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The largest association of Brazil told about the Portal

February 5, 2016

The largest association of Brazil told about the Portal
The FIRJAN Union of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro has become one of the key partners of the Mutual Trade Portal in Brazil. After the visit of the leadership of the Portal to Brazil, friendly relations were established with the FIRJAN Association, within the framework of which interaction in the information sphere was envisaged. After publication in the weekly magazine FIRJAN "Informe CIN", the Portal has gained wide popularity in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Companies began to actively go to the Portal and register. As part of the promo Portal, Brazilian industrialists learned that with the help of the Brazilian website, they can sell their goods to 33 countries, which is possible due to the removal of the language barrier, the functioning of a platform for finding counterparties, and informing about the legislation in the sphere of export, import and investment. For members of FIRJAN, registration on the site is absolutely free. After registration, offers for new customers will be received in the form of messages on the website . In order to receive free information about counterparties, FIRJAN member companies need to take 3 simple steps:
1. Click the "Register" button
2. Fill in the minimum information
3. Fill in company data (company description, logo, contact information). Companies must fill out information about the goods they buy or sell to buy. It is on the basis of this information that information will come about the counterparties.